Long ago four Gods created life, Er’tor shaped the land, Sie’lan filled the oceans, Gal’tha carried the seeds of life on a gale and Ral’ja incubated the land so life could blossom. Over time it’s inhabitants could provide for themselves and the gods took to the heavens to watch over the land. One god remained. Jei’tho, the god of chaos wasn’t included in the process and resented his siblings so he began to wreak havoc on the land in the form of plagues, earthquakes and tornadoes. The gods, being unable to harm one another, called to the people to the land to send their strongest warriors to battle Jei’tho.

The people of the land held competitions to decide who their greatest warrior was and eventually one man bested all his opponents. This man was sent to the mountain to the west where Jei’tho resided and fought the angry God. Eventually the disasters subsided and the god was slain, though no one heard from the warrior and thought him dead. A tradition was formed and a tournament was set up every few years to find the land's greatest warrior.


Lands of Agrohaa

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Agrohaa is a large island with 7 main cities, 3 of which are named after the gods. They are Galiracia, Thalelith, Rhalijar, Morwick, Al Laban, Doren and Eldaweth. Agrohaa has 4 distinct regions which are a dry desert area filled with canyons and cliffs, a series of snowy mountains which are very hostile territory if not properly equipped or taking recommended guided routes, a smaller island south east of the main continent where docklands, seaside cliffs and caves are abundant and forests which take up the majority of the islands. To the north are much smaller islands which are inhabited purely by tribal Forveer that reside outside the official borders of Agrohaa.


Races of Agrohaa



Humans make up a majority with their general resilience, perseverance and ability to gain knowledge quickly.



Forveer are second to humans and a quarter of their population are still in tribal stages. They have Forverescent animals which are the animals they share traits with. They can be strong, agile, quick thinking and work strong with other Forveer.



Agrohaa's tricksters are adept at thievery and are business savvy, they utilise Orcs for their brute strength as bodyguards while stealing and trading with bandits.



Musken are very religious lizard creatures that reside in the deserts of the north. They believe Ral’ja to be the only god and tend to be oblivious to the outside world. They are highly protective of their sacred sites and will occasionally attack nearby settlements for being an affront to Ral’ja



Orcs are one of the biggest threats in Agrohaa, they boast excellent strength but lack intelligence. Utilising their smarts they are often seen co-existing with Goblins, they protect them and in turn they are given supplies and handymen.