Reese Diallo


Reese Diallo is a Forveer whose forverescent animal is a cat. She grew up with her older brother and sister who got her in to thievery. Because of this her parents abandoned her and her siblings in a foster home where they were bullied and abused by the other kids and their foster parent for being different.

After a few years her older brother was old enough to leave on his own with a promise to come back and get them. The abuse ended up being too much for her older sister who committed suicide. Along and grieving Reese endured the hardships until she left on her own. She then became a wandering thief/bandit living off whatever she can steal. Reese is agile and naturally has retractable claws, her weapons of choice are a Chisa-Katana and throwing knives, she also utilises smoke bombs. She had an Arte that allows her to quickly and secretively pickpocket and a cursed Arte called Berserk.