Gavin 'Kev Dee' Moscrop

If you're here you decided to learn more about me. How nice of you to take interest!

I created $ELLOUT$ out of my love for music, I’ll listen to near enough everything but stuff ranging from Pop-punk to screamo are my main genres.

My favourite bands are A Day To Remember, Blink 182, Sum 41… more or less all the early 2000’s pop punk and metal bands with a hint of Two Steps From Hell.

The other reason I created $ELLOUT$ was to tell stories about these interesting characters. I want to shed a light on a lot of the issues that anyone from early teens to 30+ adults deal with. Everyone has a struggle, whether it be financial well-being, mental health, physical health or something not well known to the world. I want people to be able to identify with characters that go through that same struggle, I don’t want to just give out answers to questions I don’t know or don’t have a definitive answer but I want to at least get people thinking.