Harley Mayfield - 16


Harley is Riley's best friend in highschool, she also designs posters and adverts for the band and occasionally does guest vocals.

She's hyper, happy and very artistic. She spends a lot of her time listening to he favorite bands and drawing anything from possible album art covers to fanart of her favorite TV shows. Her dream is to do art full time designing adverts and doing commission work.

Unlike Riley, Harley's genetics adapted through her family and she is able to see, her parents were only partially blind and being the first one in her family to see clearly she took to explaining the intricate details to her kin. This led her to over analyse the design of various objects which spurred her passion for art.

She often spends her time hanging out with Riley talking about their favorite bands, what he's invented, explaining the things she's designed recently and listening to Riley play.